Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tips Hot Tubs

Safety tips on using hot tubs

Hot tubs are a wonderful addition to a home since they provide relaxation from the massage. Furthermore, it has wonderful health benefits for the user. However, just like any other swimming pool, a hot tub is a place where safety precautions should be exercised. Here are some safety tips when using your hot tub.

Maintain the tub clean

Any water-containing facility can be a breeding ground for bacteria such as Legionella bacteria and Pseudomonas bacteria. Legionella bacteria can cause a fatal disease called Legionnaires disease. Meanwhile, Pseudomonas can trigger skin rashes, pneumonia, and eye infections. That's why its essential for the hot tub to be clean all the time.

Make it a point to drain the tub and scrub the walls of the hot tub monthly or twice a month, depending on the use, to remove dirt and bacteria. This could be done with a bleach solution. The same goes with the filters and pumping systems, which should be cleaned regularly. Also scrub the surfaces and decks around the tub clean.

Also use the right level of disinfectants to guarantee clean water in the hot tub. Chlorine can be used, as it is the most common disinfectant used in hot tubs. Monitor the level of disinfectant since when the tub is often used, the disinfectant level goes low.

People who use the tub should shower before dipping in the hot tub. We are dirty from pollution, dust, and everything else caught in city life. Therefore, we are a source of bacteria. So a shower with soap to wash away the dirt would be good to decrease the level of bacteria in the tub.

Hot tub temperature and its disadvantages

Since these tubs operate on a high temperature, it could cause overheating which triggers dizziness, rashes, burns, heat-related diseases or even death. The temperature should never exceed 104ÝF or 40ÝC.

Pregnant women and children are also at risk when using hot tubs. As for pregnant women, they shouldn't stay more than 10 minutes in the water as it would be detrimental to their health. Lowering the temperature to 102ÝF or 39ÝC would be best when pregnant women are using the hot tub. Meanwhile, children are more prone to overheating and drowning. They should stay in the tub not more than five minutes. Parents should always supervise their children for them to stay out of harms way.

Also don't soak for a long time because heat would cause dizziness and when you are dizzy you could faint. Fainting would be fatal since it could trigger heart attack or even death.

Proper use of every household appliance would ensure your family's safety and yourself as well. Take these tips into consideration to make sure you are out of harms way.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Relaxing In A Tub

Relaxing In A Tub Even Though Your Budget Is Tight!

So you want to relax in a hot tub but you're just can't afford it? What do you do? Having a tight budget doesn't necessarily equate to the fact that, you can no longer enjoy the soothing feeling offered by hot tubs because you can now make the most out of used hot tubs on the market.

Retailers and used hot tubs

Not having thousands of dollars will no longer hamper your desire to treat yourself with a nice soak in a hot tub, because you can now find a lot of retailers who are selling used hot tubs. In case the retailer that you dropped by wasn't selling used hot tubs, then you could probably ask him where to find one because he is among the best sources you can get.

If you are the shy-type in terms of asking information from a professional, then the best thing for you is to check the classified ads in your newspaper and see if there are other sources. However, the safest option that you can take in purchasing used hot tubs is to seek an 'expert opinion', or to find an expert who is well-informed regarding the model of hot tubs. So that you can be guided accordingly during the time that you are to purchase your used hot tub.

Evaluating the hot tub

It is indispensable that you fully inspect the tub first for flaws. Among the first things that you should check are the pumps, and the jets which could be checked by turning the tub on and off. In doing this you will save yourself from the possibility of buying rubbish which might not even last a week or two. It is also important that you check the tub for cracks or drips because it is the topmost problems of tubs.

Clean the used tub

As soon as you have purchased the tub, the next thing is to give your hot tub a good bath in order to give it a new look. Use disinfectant for to kill the bacterium that have resided in the tub and then you may also put in some chlorine and bromine. To finish off the cleaning you must use shock treatment in order to overcome the other impurities such as dirt, oils, perspirations and some soap films.